Automated Derail Operators

AOD-1 Derail OperatorThe Nolan Company has developed air-powered and electric-powered derail operators for our new line of SD Series Sliding Derails. Operated by remote control, Model AOD-1 (air-powered) and Model EOD-1 (electric-powered) derail operators can position a derail ON or OFF the rail with just the turn of a key switch.

  • Protects people, plant and equipment automatically
  • Used to control overhead plant doors to prevent unauthorized equipment from entering the protected area — closing the plant door remotely sets the derail protection in service, prohibiting unauthorized rolling stock from entering plant/work area; opening the plant door remotely removes the derail protection from service permitting authorized rolling stock to enter protected area.
  • Used to initiate a number of warning devices such as sirens, lights and horns in the protected area.
  • Built-in indicator lights and flashing blue strobe light on AOD and EOD units meet FRA and OSHA compliance laws.


  • Simple, straightforward design, together with thorough installation instructions, gets you set up fast and efficiently. Connecting rods are included.
  • Solid all welded 1/4″ and 1/2″ steel weather resistant construction withstands harsh working environments and temperature extremes — and ensures low maintenance and long service life.
  • Can be used with any sliding derail available on the market today.
  • Improves safety and efficiency
  • Reduces continuing costs of installing blue flags required for OSHA compliance
  • Control boxes (sold separately) can be set up in separate locations or used together — to control one unit to multiple units from a single location or many locations.
  • Includes a power-off locking feature.

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NOTE: Sliding derails and control boxes are sold separately from the automated derail operators.

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Automated Derail Operators

Control Box