R1664 Dead Man Braking System

NEW!For TS-4, TS-5, and TS-6 Steel Carts
IMPROVES SAFETY on FLAT TRACK and TRACK GRADES — Cart immediately stops upon handle release




Nolan Dead Man Brake
Nolan Dead Man Brake — showing spring handle attachment and braking mechanism


  • EASY TO USE — The brake lever on the right side of the push handle must be engaged (“pulled up” to the push handle) to release the brake from the wheel, allowing the cart to move forward.
  • When the brake lever is released, the spring-loaded brake pin slides into the back lug on the wheel, immediately stopping the cart.
  • The dead man brake system comes complete with its own push handle, dead man brake lever and brake mechanism.
  • EASY TO INSTALL — The dead man brake system is integrated into its own push handle, which attaches to the cart in the same way as the standard push handle. Nolan recommends setting the parking brake during installation.

The dead man brake system is available on all Nolan’s TS carts (R1664) and ATS carts (R1663).