Privacy Policy

The Nolan Company acknowledges the importance of protecting the privacy of our customers. The information we collect is used to improve the services we offer, to improve our website’s content, and to provide our customers with information specific to their needs in a particular industry. However, Nolan will NOT share any information provided by our customers on this website with any other company or sell information received on this site to any marketing group external to The Nolan Company.

In addition, certain areas of Nolan’s website, such as Request for Quotation, Tracking Your Shipment, and Order Status, will require entering a Customer # and login password before access is provided. Information obtained through these areas will be used for Nolan’s internal purposes only. The Nolan Company will install cookies on customers’ computers to keep this information conveniently stored so that users need not type in the Customer # and login password on each visit. Use of Nolan’s website constitutes agreement to this Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use.