PD-6 Low Profile Portable Derail


The PD-6 Low Profile Portable Derail is one of Nolan Company’s latest models. It is a single-end derail, available in left (PD- 6L) and right (PD-6R) hand throw.

Nolan PD-6 with Derail Staff
PD-6 portable derail with a PDF-LP staff assembly and a BF-2D derail flag. Staff assemblies and signal flags are sold separately.

Features and Benefits

  • Better Convenience:
    Covers broader range of rail sizes from 80 lbs to 141 lbs.
  • Technically Proven:
    Fabricated from high-strength steel that will derail all rolling stock, including six-axle mainline locomotives, when installed properly.
  • Low Profile:
    The height sits only 2-3/4″ above the rail.
  • Lightweight:
    Each weigh only 42 lbs.
  • Easy Installation:
    Easily fit on the track and require no special tools to install.
  • Security:
    The portable derail, staff, and flag can be padlocked to the rail head to ensure visibility, safety, and security.

Nolan PD-6 Series Derails Specs Table

Portable Derail Staff Assembly