PAR-1 Rerailer, Permanent

PAR-1 Rerailer
PAR-1 bi-directional rerailer installed on track

Nolan’s PAR-1 Permanent Automatic Rerailer is designed for use in loading areas where constant spillage makes staying on the tracks difficult, or anywhere that a derailed car might cause damage to other equipment such as bridges, switches, underpasses, car movers, retarders, buildings and walkways.

  • Heavy-formed plate-type weldment with ramps to lift the car up to the top of the rail
  • Diamond-shaped center plate guides the wheels to the rail
  • Rerailing automatically accomplished from either side and from either direction (PAR-1)
  • Treated-wood support members with fasteners included (longer cross ties, for additional support, not included)

NOTE: Built for standard 56-1/2″ (1,435 mm) track gauge. To use Nolan’s PAR rerailers with non-standard track gauge, call The Nolan Company at 1-800-297-1383 or 330-453-7922 to specify rail size/section.

PAR-1 Specs Table