PC-10W Push Car, Wood Deck

PC-10W Push Car
PC-10W push car

Nolan’s durable push cars offer a 10,000 lb. load capacity. The structural-steel frame makes the push cars extra strong to handle the tough working conditions of the railroad industry.


  • Treated tongue-and-groove wood deck with angle-iron frame
  • Rigid, structural-steel frame
  • One-piece continuous draw bar with reinforced eye
  • One-piece solid axles ride in pillow-block roller bearings
  • 39-1/2 sq. ft. (3-2/3 sq. m.) deck area
  • Center lift ring aids in handling (Center lift ring should only be used when cart is empty.)

Built for standard 56-1/2″ (1,435 mm) track gauge.

A new, retractable center lift ring has been added to help in handling the empty push car. Options include stake pockets, sideboards, and brakes (two or four wheel). Our technical staff can design and custom-build push cars for your specific applications to handle capacities up to 40,000 lbs. Call us toll-free at 1-800-297-1383 or e-mail us for details.

PC-10W Specs Table