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Page Pilot Landing Page Course

Your co-pilot for creating high-converting landing pages

Page Pilot is a 1-on-1 online course that helps you create a brilliant landing page from scratch. This is the only done-with-you approach to learning and creating landing pages.

3 Hours of Live Video Training

Personalized Teaching & Feedback

Proven Landing Page Strategies

Page Pilot is the only course that teaches you how to create awesome landing pages by creating your own landing page with expert guidance. Learn the skills you need by doing instead of listening.

In one study from the Department of Education, 77% of the people agreed that the learning by doing approach was useful for developing an in-depth understanding of the topic. Another study found that in-class activities (doing the skill) is the most effective learning technique because students can practice applying the information for themselves.

I love learning stuff online, but the average DIY online course has a 5-15% completion rate. I’d never create something with an 85%+ failure rate, so I’m taking a different approach with this done-with-you course.

You’ll learn everything you need to know about creating landing pages and create one for yourself.

Landing Page Comments
A few comments from my free landing page guides

Create your own high-converting landing page

There are plenty of landing page courses out there, and most of them offer tons of value. The missing piece is connecting the dots between the information in the course and your landing page.

I can share tons of tips and insights from my experience and great landing page examples. It doesn’t matter if you can’t apply the information to your landing pages.

There are too many unique aspects of your landing page for a cookie-cutter course. You’ll miss out on the specifics regarding the platform you’re using, your products/services, your customers, awareness levels, and your landing page goals.

Sure– there are general principles that apply everywhere. But, the advice I give to a B2B SaaS is different than an eCommerce store or freelance graphic designer service page.

Whether you’re launching a new tool, selling services, starting a newsletter, creating an online course, an eCommerce business, or opening a physical location, this course gives you relevant tips, strategies, and frameworks for your landing page.

You’ll learn the proven strategies I use to create landing pages, and we’ll use the strategies to turn your idea into a high-converting landing page.

Who is this for?

If you want to create a landing page for yourself or for clients, this course is for you!

I’ve reviewed 100s of landing pages across multiple niches, and created tons of landing pages for different businesses and products.

The best thing about this course is that all of the information is tailored to your landing page or the target market you want to serve. If your goal is to offer landing page services to eCommerce shops, we’ll create a landing page or product page for an eCommerce shop.

In the 4 sessions, you will:

  • Learn how to create a landing page from headline to FAQs.
  • Understand how to research your target audience, write copy that speaks to their problems, and position yourself as the best possible solution.
  • Get my 5-step Above The Fold checklist. (only 1/3 people scroll past this point)
  • Learn how to create logical flow, and pair words with visual elements on landing pages.
  • Build the confidence to create awesome landing pages for your business and clients.
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Course Curriculum

This is a live online course done over 4 weeks via video call (you pick days + times that work with your schedule). Each 45-minute session focuses on 4 different aspects of your landing page.

Session #1

Main takeaway: How to create a reader filter and make the best first impression on your landing page.

Session #2

Main takeaway: How to communicate your Big Idea and clearly explain your product/service.

Session #3

Main takeaway: How to hold the reader’s attention throughout your page.

Session #4

Main takeaway: How to launch your landing page and track your success.

Additional resources:

You’ll also get…

  • My landing page swipe file
  • Collection of lead magnet ideas
  • All of my landing page checklists
Landing Page Files

Throughout this course, we’ll work on one landing page. It can be one for your own product, or a hypothetical product. I prefer real products so we can send traffic to your page and track your results. Either way, you’ll learn the steps required to create landing pages while getting hands-on experience creating one from scratch.

You’ll develop the knowledge and confidence to create more high-converting landing pages.

"A few weeks ago I pitched rewriting a client's landing page copy. I'd never written landing page copy but I followed advice from your posts. My client loved it. Most I've made from one project also. Thank you!"
Ameer D.
Content Strategist

Use this course to grow your business or create landing pages for clients.

What's the investment?

The 4-part Page Pilot course is currently available for one payment of $297 or 4 weekly payments of $85.

There are four 45-minute live sessions, and a bit of homework involved. In total, you should expect to invest 10-20 hours (depending on how deep you want to dive on your own landing page).

At the end of the course, you’ll have:

  1. A landing page crafted by two experts (that’s you + me).
  2. The knowledge + confidence to create more landing pages.

Start creating your best landing pages

Since this is a live 1-on-1 course, we have limited spots available:

December 2023: 4 spots available
January 2024: 5 spots available

Split payments

One Time (save $43)

You’ll choose your 4 course days + time slots after checkout.

You’re guaranteed to find time slots that work with your schedule within the next 6 weeks. My schedule is flexible, and not all of my available time slots are listed. In the case you don’t see times that work with your schedule, we can connect further via email.


Nope! As long as you can read, write, and think, you can take this course and get tons of value from it!

Bring the idea you have for your landing page and pick a platform you want to build it on– I can recommend a platform if you’re not sure.

This course is designed to teach you through creating a landing page from scratch. We can create another landing page for the same product or service, or something new.

Yes! If you’re working with a business partner or small team, they can join you at no additional cost.

I’ve created landing pages on most platforms (Carrd, WordPress, Podia, SquareSpace, Webflow, Click Funnels, etc. so we’ll use whatever one you’re most comfortable with! I can make suggestions based on the purpose of your landing page.

There are four 45-minute sessions. I aim to do 1 per week, but can be flexible with your schedule. I’ll also give you a bit of homework after each session.

Yes– if you’re not happy for any reason, send me an email and we’ll make it right:

Please send me an email:

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