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The most underrated and ignored way to boost your website rankings.

Internal links give your website a vitamin shot

I remember playing the Wikipedia Game when I was in high school. 

Ya’ll ever do that…?

Basically, you start on one Wikipedia page and try to get to another unrelated page in as few clicks as possible. 

Like, from Johnny Depp to Grilled Cheese.

I got there in 13 clicks just clicking internal links.

You can get from one page to another because Wikipedia has tons of internal links on every page– more than any other website I’ve seen. Surely they’ve tested this extensively and decided it works well.

I like to be a bit more strategic about it, but it’s better to have too many internal links than none at all.

Anyways, internal links make your website easier for people to navigate. They can quickly find pages and content that they’re interested in.

Google also uses internal links to discover pages on your website, and understand which pages are more important than others. Ideally, your most important pages will have more internal links pointing to them.

In their article explaining How Google Search Works, Google says:

“Other pages are discovered when Google follows a link from a known page to a new page: for example, a hub page, such as a category page, links to a new blog post.”

Strategically adding internal links:

  • Helps Google crawl and understand your website.
  • Helps new website pages get indexed faster.
  • Helps people find relevant pages, reducing bounce rate.
  • Helps people find your money pages (aka more sales).
  • Gives your website an overall authority boost.
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- Brent
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Internal links are like backlinks, except...

they’re 10x easier and 1/10th the cost.

SEOs love backlinks. For good reason– backlinks are great.

You’d be surprised to know that adding internal links to your website has the same effect on your website as backlinks.

This article was published in January 2022. The content was good, and it honestly should’ve been ranking well.

I added a few relevant internal links to the article in October/November and within a few weeks it was ranking on the first page. 

The content wasn’t updated or refreshed. It didn’t get any new backlinks, just a few internal links.

A few strategic internal links added 1,000+ visits to one page on this website.

Here’s another example from a different website. I added over 100 new internal links to this website that had ~40 articles published and many of them had no internal links. That took me 15-20 hours to do– but the results were great.

These are the results 11 days after I added the internal links:

Internal Link Results

11-12 clicks per day → 17-18 clicks per day (+47% increase!)
200 impressions per day → 242 impressions per day (+21% increase)
Average position up 1.5 spots

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Do you need help with this?


I’ve audited a lot of websites and I’ve never seen a website with too many internal links. Very few people go back to their older pages and add internal links. Most people don’t add any internal links at all. It’s time consuming and people are unaware of the benefits.

I will say that internal links are more important when you have a larger site. If you only have 10 pages on your website, you can link the pages together on your own. Check out my Simple Guide to Internal Links. Once your site is 30, 40, or 100+ pages, adding internal links becomes a bigger task.

You need to be strategic with your link placement, which is why I’m here to help you.

Believe it or not, this is one of my favorite things to do.

I love adding internal links, and you’ll love the results.

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Roderick D.
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Internal Linking Services

$55 per 10 Pages

  • Review your current link structure
  • Identify topic clusters and pillar pages
  • Fix/remove any broken internal links
  • Fix orphaned and dead end pages
  • Review current link anchor text
  • Add internal links everywhere they’re needed

You will adjust the number of pages you want optimized on the order page.

What happens after you buy this?

I’ll send you an email in 1-2 business days confirming your order and then get to work. This is a done for you service, so I’ll need admin access to your website to add the links. Once I get access to your site, it’ll take ~5 business days to add the internal links.

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