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Guaranteed Cart Recovery Increase

Are you sending the best possible abandoned cart emails?

If you’re honest? Probably not…

Most people don’t put much (if any) effort into their abandoned cart emails. I know because I’ve seen 100s of them. No, not because I’m an indecisive online shopper. I’m quite the opposite. I only add items to my cart when I’ve decided that I’m buying it.

When I was building my eCommerce email swipe file, I went on the hunt for as many welcome series and abandoned cart emails I could get. 

I found a few good ones. But 75% of them were mediocre at best.

It turns out that most eCommerce shops just use the standard Shopify email.

Like this one:

Basic abandoned cart email

This email is so lame.

There was a reason I didn’t complete my purchase– I didn’t just forget about it.

  • I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend the money
  • Shipping was too slow or too expensive
  • I wanted to compare it to other options
  • I wasn’t sure if it would fit me
There was an objection that stopped me from buying. Unless you remove that objection, you don’t get my money in your bank account. 

These people are your most valuable customers

These people are your MVPs!

They’ve found your store ✓
They’ve found a product they want ✓
They’ve said: “I want this right now!” ✓

Nobody is closer to making a purchase than these people. They need to be getting your best emails– the emails that make saying “Not right now” impossible.

That’s exactly what I’m offering you today.

I will identify the reasons people aren’t completing their purchase and create an automated 3-part email series to send your MVPs.

Sound like a good deal?

It gets even better than that.

Guaranteed increase in purchase rates

I’ve seen this work over and over again.

Better abandoned cart emails = More recovered purchases

I’m not sure what your conversion rates are (unless you’ve told me already). 

An average abandoned cart email has a 10% conversion rate. 

I hate being average.

So, here’s my guarantee:

If we work together, your abandoned cart conversion rates will go up.

If they don’t?

Yeah…that’s not going to happen. 

If it ever did happen (in an alternate universe) a series of specific events will happen: 

  1. I’ll buy you a coffee
  2. You won’t pay me a dime
  3. I’ll rewrite the emails for you
  4. You can switch back to your old emails
But again…not gonna happen.

Ready to increase your cart recovery?

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