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The best email opt-in ever.

You ever get really excited about a 10% off coupon?

It’s a nice gesture for sure, but that doesn’t quite do it for me.

When I’m ready to buy something online. I’ll go on a hunt for the best coupon, but when I’m browsing trying to figure out what I want to buy, your coupon popup is annoying.

Look at this image:

It’s an illustration of the journey people go on when buying something. It starts with a trigger. “My back is killing me.” The trigger sends you into exploration and evaluation. *Googles ‘why does my back hurt?’ Maybe it’s my pillow. *Researches different pillows.* Maybe I should go to a chiropractor? *Googles science of chiropractors.*

You get the idea.

When people are in the messy middle of exploring and evaluating, a coupon isn’t relevant or helpful.

Question: Why would you limit your email marketing to the tail end of this journey? That’s what offering a coupon does. You miss out on the 90% of people who are currently in the Exploration and Evaluation cycle.

A 5-7 day educational email course is the best email opt-in possible.

People are triggered by a problem → They visit your website to explore and evaluate → Your email course moves them from exploration & evaluation to their purchase.

Scroll to the bottom of this page to see a 5-day educational email course in action.

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    Want to see this in action? Get my free 5-day email course: The ROI of Knowledge: Leveraging Educational Email Courses for Business Growth

    Here’s what you’ll learn over the next 5 days:

    Day 1: Unlock the Power of Education in Your Email Marketing
    Day 2: The Engagement Factor: How Education Inspires Action
    Day 3: Turning Knowledge into Profit: The Direct ROI of Educational Emails
    Day 4: The Long-Term Impact of Educated Customers
    Day 5: Future-Proof Your Business with Educational Emails

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